Green Movement

I was born and brought up close to nature. I swam in the river, drank from the well, climbed trees, played in the mud.  I swung from branches, picked fruits and ate naked earth. I never had to worry about anything modern society worries about. And it was not very long ago. Now, none of that is possible in my homeland. The rivers are too poisonous for even algae. Most of the tress have been cut off. The land is saturated with pesticides. The water from the wells are unsafe for human use. In my initial days in Mumbai, I was flabbergasted to see bottled waters and water filters. The concept of people buying water and it being purified as a commodity was beyond me. But now, it has become a ground reality everywhere. And there is a heightened frenzy of technology-dependent living, unsafe practices in consumerism which alarm me. For the last many years, I have ranted, wrote, spoken and created ‘statements’ which deal with this. I would like to see myself working as a green activist over the years, despite the numerous odds and spread awareness  around India and the world over time.