With a will to succeed

There have been many heroes in the past whose aspirations, dreams and a will to succeed against all odds have helped many others to shape their lives. Art director Sukant Panigrahy’s story is one such inspirational one and he says he has been guided by his dreams and a determination to make them true. Sukant was in the city to display his symbol of peace as part of One Love – Love for Humanity, an international exhibition at State Art Gallery in Madhapur.



I was always intrigued of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Her life and times.
Early in 2016, I finally started on this project. A film.  In this venture, an experimental/hybrid film there will be a permutation of various  elements of travelogue, documentary and spoken word along with traditional film-making techniques, I will try and expand the ideas and their relevance in today’s India as well as the world.  The film is currently under production and the first schedule is over. The next schedule has been planned and hopefully I will be able to share it with you soon.

Buddha, Gateway of India : 2011

Buddha was a life altering experience for me. And that was why I had commenced on this project. It involved the local residents of a slum from Malwani in suburbs of Mumbai, many of whom had never ventured out of the geographical boundaries of that slum. Most of them had small criminal and anti-social backgrounds …

Cosmos, Lokhandwala : 2011

‘Water’ has been a deeply personal theme for me.  I expressed it for the first time in the year 2011. The installation was created with water and discarded plastic bags. Needless to say, it was one of my most fulfilling endeavours. The installation represented the infinite blue in which we all exist, signifying the importance of water and serving as a microcosm of the earth’s bigger picture.

Mermaid: U-Tan Festival : 2011

This installation was an extension of my lifelong passive activism against the use of plastic which, despite several attempts by responsible bodies at various levels, has grown exponentially over the last few decades. This served as a backdrop for one leg of the U-tan festival, a sociocultural meet that I had started with a few close Samaritans.

Warbride, BYOFF Puri : 2012

This installation was one of my earliest ‘green’ installations.  The material used was 100 % organic. It served as a backdrop for live acts and as a tribute to mother earth, the mute victim to mankind’s injustice. It was a collaborative effort in which the local artists also participated.

Bull : 2013

This magnificent creature always fascinated me.  The Bull was a symbol of aggression and a unique example of the brutal force of nature.  This sculpture was first featured in the Hindi film ‘Heroine’ and later traveled across India, going to numerous festivals including the Kala Ghoda festival.

Totem, Kalagoda Art Festival : 2013

Inspired by the Native American concept, I created my own version during the Kala Ghoda festival in the year 2013. ‘Totem’ expanded my personal philosophy and ideas regarding integrated living.  It also included elements from Shamanic tradition and aborigine philosophy.  ‘Totem’ was created mostly with organic material.

Kapala, Kalaghoda Art Festival : 2013

It was a statement for the modern generation that was in an intimate relationship with technology without thinking about the aftermath.  Kapala or the skull always fascinated me considering the effect it had on people at a collective level. And thus my installation ‘Kapala’ became the mascot for the movement of spreading awareness through art and action. The ‘Kapala’ installation at Kalaghoda in the year 2013 was entirely created of discarded computer hardware waste material. Post this, many other variants were created and showcased at different festivals and venues in and around India.