Project MoleculeBaba

Molecule Baba is a collaborative open platform eco exercise created with the sole aim to create awareness about green living. You can find more information about it here..

Project UNDO 2016

Project Undo came into being from my long brewed idea of creating a movement about carbon footprint awareness. The first event in this movement was organized  along with my collaboration with Papertell, a Pune based organic paper manufacturer.

Matheran Green Festival 2015

My first major achievement in my green activism came into being in the year 2015 as Matheran Green Festival. Starting with an idea, I took the role of a curator and organized it. What started as an idea, became an experiment and later, a movement. Now the mantle has been passed and the festival happened this year as well. Hopefully it continues in future as well. The first leg of the festival took place over a period of five days, where participants from over twenty five countries came together: musicians, performers, painters, photographers, filmmakers and environmentalists. There were workshops, live shows, interactions and discussions across all spheres. It further provided ample opportunities for the locals, artists, artisans and otherwise.
Check more about Matheran Green Festival here.

Welcome to The Jungle

This was an interactive art project created for Whassup Andheri, mainly aimed at kids as well as an eye opener for adults. I had this growing concern about my own son and his generation not being able to experience the wild in its most elemental form. I was skeptical of future generations being able to experience the wild at all and keeping that in mind, this art project was born. It was an artificial jungle of mixed media with installations, hangings and sound effects, complete with stuffed animals.

Beauty and The Beach

This was a beach clean-up drive I had undertaken with the help of volunteers and the general public to tackle the issue of the Juhu beach turning into a dump yard of senseless consumerism. All the waste material/garbage was collected from the beach and a world map was created out of it.

Green Movement

I was born and brought up close to nature. I swam in the river, drank from the well, climbed trees, played in the mud.  I swung from branches, picked fruits and ate naked earth. I never had to worry about anything modern society worries about. And it was not very long ago. Now, none of that is possible in my homeland. The rivers are too poisonous for even algae. Most of the tress have been cut off. The land is saturated with pesticides. The water from the wells are unsafe for human use. In my initial days in Mumbai, I was flabbergasted to see bottled waters and water filters. The concept of people buying water and it being purified as a commodity was beyond me. But now, it has become a ground reality everywhere. And there is a heightened frenzy of technology-dependent living, unsafe practices in consumerism which alarm me. For the last many years, I have ranted, wrote, spoken and created ‘statements’ which deal with this. I would like to see myself working as a green activist over the years, despite the numerous odds and spread awareness  around India and the world over time.