Labyrinth of Passion

On my fortieth birthday I invited artists of all ages and walks of my life to visit my humble abode create art. My home was their studio and canvas.  That was my way of celebrating life. Several children showed up and donned the artist’s hat. It was quite a success and I plan to continue hosting the same in the future.

U-TAN Festival

In the idyllic locale of the seaside hamlet of Uttan in Mumbai, a festival was conceived and born in the year 2011.  It ushered an era of open participation for musicians and artists. The venue was the U-Tan resort on a tiny hillock by the sea.  The performers were eclectic. Over the years, the festival has featured live music performances, art exhibitions and installations apart from workshops and collaborations. It still continues.


BYOFF stands for ‘Bring Your Own Film Festival.’ Like MAFIA, the festival was conceived over drinks and discussions.  It was to be an informal, uninhibited, open-to-all festival for artists and filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work.  So far, hundreds of Indian feature films and documentaries apart from other works of art have been presented here. BYOFF takes place in February at Puri Beach in the city of Puri, in the state of Odisha.

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Mafia stands for ‘Musicians Artists Filmmakers Interesting log Aa Jao’ which translates into an open invitation for musicians, artists, filmmakers and interesting people from around the world.  I started this festival with a few of my close associates and contemporaries to create a unique and accessible platform for artists to showcase their work. The usual atmosphere in MAFIA gatherings is laid-back and informal.