I cannot remember when I picked up my first half and pencil and drew something. My first primary influence was an art teacher in school who pushed me, coaxed me and bribed me with a glass of milk with some fresh loaves to continue drawing.  I took this advice and that decision would later alter the very course of my life.  If one asks me , what I have done apart from sleeping, I would be this: creating art. Professionally I have painted in various capacities over the years, mostly for production design projects for films, starting as a painter and later, creating my own artwork. In my personal space, I dabble in calligraphy, sketching, painting with various media.

Green Movement

I was born and brought up close to nature. I swam in the river, drank from the well, climbed trees, played in the mud.  I swung from branches, picked fruits and ate naked earth. I never had to worry about anything modern society worries about. And it was not very long ago. Now, none of …

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Beauty and The Beach

This was a beach clean-up drive I had undertaken with the help of volunteers and the general public to tackle the issue of the Juhu beach turning into a dump yard of senseless consumerism. All the waste material/garbage was collected from the beach and a world map was created out of it.

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Welcome to The Jungle

This was an interactive art project created for Whassup Andheri, mainly aimed at kids as well as an eye opener for adults. I had this growing concern about my own son and his generation not being able to experience the wild in its most elemental form. I was skeptical of future generations being able to …

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Matheran Green Festival 2015

My first major achievement in my green activism came into being in the year 2015 as Matheran Green Festival. Starting with an idea, I took the role of a curator and organized it. What started as an idea, became an experiment and later, a movement. Now the mantle has been passed and the festival happened …

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Project UNDO 2016

Project Undo came into being from my long brewed idea of creating a movement about carbon footprint awareness. The first event in this movement was organized  along with my collaboration with Papertell, a Pune based organic paper manufacturer.

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Project MoleculeBaba

Molecule Baba is a collaborative open platform eco exercise created with the sole aim to create awareness about green living. You can find more information about it here..

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