I was an infant when I accompanied my parents and siblings to watch Oriya film ‘Bhata Salabega’. It was to be my first tryst with films. Growing up I saw many more in various media landscapes. Single theatres, VHS, VCR. I even worked as a delivery boy for a local VHS store to earn some favours: films.

It was Ramesh Sippy’s block buster Shakti which turned out to be my experience of the grandeur of Bollywood. Incidentally, the theatre too was named Shakti. Bunking school to watch a film was a routine by then. Amar, Akbar Anthony, Toofan among other films were few of my obsessions.

The turning point in my life was when one day I travelled out of my village and relocated to Berahmpur for a year. This is where I got a glimpse into Hollywood. Most notable of the films I watched were ‘Rambo’ and the first in the ’Terminator’ franchise.  Spielberg’s ‘E.T’ exposed me to the true power of Cinema.  By the end of the film, everyone had either left or fallen asleep. Only I was left gaping at the screen, tears rolling down my cheeks. It was my communion. This propelled me into the magical world of Cinema.  My obsession had me screening films on my terrace in my own way. I would gather discarded film reels and projecting them on a white screen with the help of a torch.

I arrived in Mumbai after a brief transit in Bhubanseshwar, ready to take on the celluloid world. My journey comprised of several stories in mutualism, self-discovery and growth

Apart from production, design and art direction, I have also ventured into film making in different capacities. There are several projects in the pipeline, which I hope, will materialize so that I can share them with the world.


I was always intrigued by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Her life and times.
In early 2016, I started on an experimental/hybrid film.  This film will be a permutation of various elements like travelogue, documentary and spoken words along with traditional film-making techniques. I will try and expand the ideas and their relevance in today’s India as well as the world.  The film is currently under production and the first schedule is over. The next schedule has been planned and hopefully I will be able to share it with you all soon.


You can check my complete film profile here.


I was always intrigued of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Her life and times. Early in 2016, I finally started on this project. A film.  In this venture, an experimental/hybrid film there will be a permutation of various  elements of travelogue, documentary and spoken word along with traditional film-making techniques, I will try and expand the …

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